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Steps for the wireless set-up of HP Envy 7858 Printer


The HP Envy 7858 is an InkJet printer with several attractive features in it. You can enjoy smooth, trouble free printing with this printer.

  • Firstly, please go through the wireless set-up instruction manual to an idea about the wireless set-up
  • Thereafter, connect the windows computer to your wireless network
  • Secondly, place your HP Envy 7858 printer within the prescribed distance to your computer
  • Then, plug one end of the power cable to the rear of your HP Envy 7858 Printer and the other end to the power socket
  • Visit, 7858 to download your printer software and driver. You can get the best Printer support from the customer support team at the toll-free number +1-888-214-1820.


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