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Starting a 3d printing business


Hey, I am new in this discussion. All I want to know is how can I get a good service of 3D Printing and Vacuum Casting Service. During surfing internet I saw a blog of Binashree but I don’t know about their service. I am looking for some good suggestion on this.


I am Alice.Su from WeNext Technology Company in China,.
Working for 3D printing/CNC machining/injection molding/vaccum casting, could I help you? Please send email to me of your project to check our price list. And please see our company website , you can upload your file there to get quotation, but the shipping cost and production arrangement please contact me freely!

My email adress [email protected]


Hey, This is really nice to see Your reply here I am definitely Looking forward to take your Service. In the gap I have also Contact with another Vacuum casting and Injection molding Service provider of Binashree, I had a quite good discussion with Them and at the same time I am also look forward to your service, hope this will gonna a Wonderful Communication with You.