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Speed issues/Time Warner Cable Login Issues

Just a week ago, I moved. Today my new service has been installed by Spectrum. It’s not all that nice, unfortunately. I paid for their service of 60Mbps. With this move and fresh modem (Arris TM 1602A) and router (Sagemcom Fast 5260) I believed I’d be set as I was supposed to be at 400Mbps now for the same 60Mbps cost!

I set up my laptop as quickly as the “tech” left, wired straight to the router and did a velocity test so I could see this incredible velocity from my own eyes. Hit up and wow Dslreports … NOTHING! The velocity test collapsed! I received a message of mistake saying that my link was soooo poor that the exam could not be completed! I attempted a few more times and succeeded in getting through.

I called Spectrum between these tests and they had me go through a sequence of disconnecting and reconnecting the exercises of the modem and router before doing another velocity test. The highest velocity I received was 91Mbps down and 12Mbps up, even with my laptop attached straight to the modem bypassing the router. (The slight bump of 95Mbps came after I updated the lan card driver — RealTek PCIe FE 10/100 lan).

Can I do anything else? Another tech will not be out to verify what’s going on until Tuesday. The department of Spectrum claims the signal the region is nice, and we know it’s not the router because when I connect the laptop straight to the modem there was no significant change. FYI … I just switched off my virus software and firewall to make sure there were no problems. (That reminds me to modify the router’s inventory name/password before I shut down at night).

I approached for slow webmail issues by dialling Toll-Free Number: +1 (866) 748–5444… they said it began last night and hopefully, it’s going to be fixed quickly. At last, they help me a lot to resolve my TWC Time Warner Cable Login Issues without making me worried!

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