SOMEONE downloaded your design

SOMEONE downloaded your design. Is that what it has come to? Why doesn’t Pinshape list the handle of the downloader anymore? On top of that often I see my free non-commercial models being added to groups like, ‘Things to Sell’ or ‘Make Money’ by this ‘SOMEONE’. How about some help Pinshape?

This just makes it even harder to tell where our files are going. This makes me seriously concerned. Anyone else?

We recently removed the requirement that users be logged in to download models. This is why you’ll sometimes see ‘someone has downloaded your model’ rather than a username. You will still be able to see the username of those who have an account.

Designs cannot be added to a collection without having signed up for the site. You will be able to see the username of anyone that has added your design to a collection. If this isn’t the case, feel free to reach out by emailing ‘[email protected]’ so we can get everything sorted out.

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