Small holiday 3D printed gifts for guy friends

I’m in the midst of getting my holiday printing done. Thought it’d be nice to include a small 3D printed trinket to my friends/cousins/etc. to go along with their gifts since a lot of them are interested in 3D printing and it’d be cool for them to have a small 3D printed souvenir!

I’m currently printing some snowflake pendants:

I want something approximately equal in size and generic enough that I can do a mass print of them on 1 print bed like I’m doing for these snowflakes for a bunch of people :slight_smile: I like that these snowflakes are wearable! Looking for something perhaps a guy would like more— maybe a keychain trinket? Any suggestions?!

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Simple toys like this yoyo or spin top maybe?

@Karen The spinning top that @tanya_Wiesner shared is really neat. They get a toy and money!

Did a look over Pinshape and came up with these as ideas for you. I figured some key chain that moves would really interest them. Also included a few other things for ideas :smile:

3d printed gear keychain

Golf Ball Marker

Marvin Army

Bottle Opener

Finn & Jake


Coin Holder

Boxing Glove

Toy Piston

A bottle opener is probably a win 90% of the time :wink:

Thanks @tanya_Wiesner and @Chris_Halliday! Definitely some fun designs in there!!