Size of uploaded item, image render

When I upload an object, the item does not have the dimensions displayed anywhere that I can find. I want to make sure the size is correct and any buyers would likely want that information as well.

Also any work being done to have generated renders of items uploaded automatically? I like and don’t like that you have to have an image when you first upload an item. nice that there is an assurance that a picture of the item will be given but at the same time, I do have to make sure I make my own renders before I can upload the item which could be fixed with an auto render built in.

Hi Silverbeam,

The size of the design can be found under the “files” tab on the design page.

As for the auto-generated renders, they actually do happen because they are used as thumbnails for the 3D view of an item. We are trying to stay away from that as a product photo because the auto render doesn’t encourage real pictures (which most people prefer over renders). Thanks for bringing this up though, we will consider adding this as an option in the future.