Show Off Your Maker Space!

Hi Pinshape Community!

I thought it would be fun for us to share our Maker Spaces or Dungeons as some like to call them and maybe share a little background on how your space came to be.

Anyways, I recently made some modifications I will share the photos below.

So, before the modifications, my printers were located in a different room, A room I felt was more for computing and designing. Unfortunately the small shop room, where the printers are now located, did not have any receptacles in it. So I went ahead this week and added in some receptacles for the printers and possibly for addition items in the future. I’ve run a dedicated line for each printer which should remove any chance of them overloading each other.

As seen in the photos I don’t have boxes over the printers as of yet. The small room and heater within it should help out in the near future. That is, if I don’t get antsy and feel the need to look at the printer every 30 seconds!

I design in another room at this time. I think its best but I have the ability to go into the shop if need be for designing. My Mini printer requires a tether to a laptop and that will pose a bit of an issue.

Well, if you feel up for it, be sure to share your space and maybe talk about it a bit.

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Wow you’ve maintained a super neat workspace!

Yeah, was going to inquire about heat retention, but heater should do the trick. Probably won’t help with the compulsive need to look at the printer ever 30 seconds though XD Bound to happen!

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Its definitely on my mind to get these printers under their own enclosures. I have a temperature and humidity gauge coming which is going to give me an understanding of the room conditions. I also went with a portable oil heater in hopes of not having any air movement within the room from the fan style electric heaters.

The next step is going to be filament placement. I need to get something setup to properly store my filament spools. I may just opt for a Rubbermaid container and place some desiccant packages inside it. I have a couple rolls that are going to be more sensitive to moisture than most the other rolls and we know what BC is like!

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Filament Placement:
1.) Filament tree. (it’s like Xmas all year round)

PLA to the left, ABS to the right, translucent and exotic filaments on the top rows, 1.75mm to the back, 3mm to the front. Some folks would say it’s/(i’m) crazy, I say it’s Brilliant ! LOL.
The wire shelves hold the rolls perfectly.
ABS is fine with open-air storage.
PLA is good at 25-50% humidity, but I still wrap open rolls with packaging shrink wrap and a desiccant bag. Summer time and rain humidity always seem to creep in to the house.
Exotics have to go in to sealed bin, on a rod, with lots of desiccant. 10% humidity is preferable. You should leave it in the bin, and drill a small hole, to feed the filament thru while printing.

2.) Overhead rods, with shelf



Well done! It seems you have put a serious effort into filament storage and organization! I thank you for sharing, I would have never thought to use the wire shelves.

I also like your idea for exotic’s storage, at least humidity sensitive rolls. Are you at all able to test the function of your exotics storage to see if you are obtaining a 10% RH? I had wondered if X amount of desiccant in a certain environment would yield X% RH. I am considering adding a simple RH gauge to my storage enclosures so at quick glance I can see where it or they are at.

This is amazing. I need to start taking notes on proper filament storage haha

Here’s the $10 humidity gauge I’ve been using. So far I only have 1, that just sits on the wire shelf. But as Chris suggested, I’ll be ordering a few more, to go inside the clear bins. Should be easy to just tape them to the face, for easy viewing, and it will look all-high-tech and cool.

@Dr_Zeus @Gene_Crady

I purchased a similar meter Gene and have it placed within the print room. I am usually about 22C and 46% humidity. I was trying to think of how I wanted to store my humidity sensitive exotics and remembered I had some old reproduction ammo cans laying around…

.50 caliber reproduction ammo can’s

Water tight, not clear! so I thought they’d be a good fit. I am able to fit 4 of the Taulman style rolls in one can which is great. I only have 3 rolls at this time. I run into issues trying to check the RH of the can though. I may look for a circular or rectangular RH meter that is meant to be flush mounted. Then place a hole in the can and put a meter in and seal it off. Wireless would be great but well, that’s not going to work!