Settings for smoothness and improving prints


just got my first 3D printer (creality cr10) with it came cura 3.0.2 software. i printed my first object, a small box and learned quickly about support and building a raft. my second print came out better, but was very hard to remove from the bed which i tried when the bed was still warm. the smoothness was visually a little rough.
where can i get information about settings to make my prints better


For Creality Printers there are heaps of videos out there, some general, some specific, for example printing tabletop gaming miniatures. I good Youtuber to look for is a guy who goes by the handle CHEP

Also recommended but more general is Maker’s Muse, by a fellow Aussie.

I’m limited to the amount of links I can post because I haven’t posted much yet (anti-spam) so I’ll send the rest of the info in the next post

For troubleshooting tips, one of the go-to guides I use is that compiled by the commercial slicer publisher of Simplify3D

Finally, but probably one of the first things to do, once you’ve squirted out your first few potentially rubbish prints (they will fail for a variety of reasons, which you’ll learn how to overcome) , is to calibrate your printer. This way, when you want to print parts which need to fit together, then you’re giving yourself the best chance that they’ll be close.

The list of links above isn’t exhaustive by any means, but it may give you some focus until you get on your feet…