Retouch 3d tool

Project currently campaigning on kickstarter. It is a tool for touching up 3d prints. I thought it was interesting enough that I would post the link for others.

Retouch 3d kickstarter project Link

Wow, that’s a really great product idea. Thanks for sharing this!

Hmm, I don’t see any temperature control. Soldering irons operate above the flash point of PLA. If you use this to touch up your prints you’re running the risk of fire. It’ll probably be fine if your quick, but I’d be more comfortable if they’d menton that our have a temp control.

It actually looks like they do have temperature control and they give you some guidance in what temperatures to use for specific materials:

How Retouch3D works

Retouch3D will make finishing 3D prints fun and easy. Simply power-on the tool, input your selected temperature level (based on the material you are working with – we will provide a look-up chart via our website which will be updated as new materials emerge) and in no time, get ready to remove all the unwanted material from your 3D print; like a hot knife through butter. If you wish to adjust the temperature while working you’ll simply use the up/down arrow buttons to run Retouch3D slightly hotter or cooler.

A control system for accurate and efficient temperature heating

The Retouch3D control system has been specifically designed for finishing 3D prints. The heat range has been designed to accommodate ABS, PLA, resin, wax, and other materials with higher and lower-end temperatures (to account for future materials). The finer temperature adjustment settings allow users to +/- heat by smaller increments for dealing with thicker and thinner print structures.

The retouch one looks better than this other handheld tool that just launched on Kickstarter, but this tool was obviously meant for soldering, not 3D print retouching: