Requests to Print Designs from 3D Design Contests

Any 3D designers that don’t have access to 3D printers can use this thread to create requests to makers to print their design for them. We suggest you do an exchange of services - you help them 3D design something and they help you 3D print your design! Good luck

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Hi everyone!

I’m Zach Frew, the new community manager. We wanted to make this contest as inclusive as possible so we needed a way to offer prints to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to a printer. And so we’ve decided to make this thread where anyone is free to post and offer up printing services. I’ve purchased a fair bit of white PLA and PETG and if you need another color or material, I’m happy to work with you to get it. All I’ll be asking is material and shipping costs (should be mighty cheap) and if for any reason you’d have trouble covering that, we’re happy to help out.

If you’re interested, shoot me an email at [email protected] and we’ll get you a print! I encourage other people to post here and offer up printing services though I’d recommend that any requests are done via email or private message so this doesn’t get too cluttered.

Cheers and happy printing!

Welcome and hi @Frew.

For those in MN, US, I offer printing services thru twiesner’s HUB. I do offer shipping to other states within the US.

PLA is the cheapest material I offer. I also offer dual extrusion print services and a few exotic materials such as Coffee filled and Hobs filled based filaments.


My name is Christian and I saw the contest couple of weeks ago. I learned 3D designing myself and I think I have a good design to help people with hand disabilities. This is a hand cover that can use adapters to hold things and people can also design on top of the base to create new tools. I’m currently unemployed and I don’t have a 3D printer. I would like to see if someone will have the time and can offer to 3d Print the design for the contest.

I want to donate the design for people with disabilities and would love to enter the contest to se if I can continue doing it since I work in the field of prosthetics. Thanks.

Hello all! I would like to offer my print services to anyone who would like to get prints for any of the contests. I am very flexible on pricing, and just would like to cover my own costs if possible (filament and shipping). Here is the breakdown:

Makerbot Replicator (Gen 5) - all PLA - Green, Blue, Black, Sparkly Blue, Clear, Khaki
Cube 2 - PLA - Glow in the Dark Blue, Glow in the Dark Green
ABS - Magenta, Purple, Pink

Printrbot Simple, Qidi TECH 1 (dual extruder), Qidi X-one
These use generic filament, and I can use use Simplify3D or Cura -
PLA - Black, yellow, orange, florescent orange, green, blue, natural
ABS - Red, White, Blue, Yellow

I am out of Buffalo, NY. Message me if you’re interested.


Hi all,

I offer 3D printing services out of 3D hubs, and have inexpensive prices. I am based out of Austin, TX, but ship across the U.S.

This is the link to my hub-

I offer PLA in black, white, transparent blue, and transparent red.

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Hello! I’ve just submitted my design for a contest (WORK HARD). Wanted to make a print of it on a hi-resolution machine. I am located in Moscow (Russia). How long the shipping will take and what will be approximate cost? Here is a link

Hi Crowntail,

I’d be happy to help out. We’ll cover the costs for you - thanks for entering into the contest! Can you shoot me a message over the forums with your address? We’ll work to make sure this gets to you before the end of the contest!



@Frew Hello, Zach, have you recieved my messages with my address?

I just submitted my entries for the Envision the future design challenge.
At the moment I am on a student exchange, and I don’t have access to any 3D printer. That’s why I wanted to ask if anyone can print it out for me?
I would need only one piece of the first link, and one or two examples of the second link.
I don’t necessary need to have the print, it would be enough to have a few photos of the finished print.

Hello, i go by the name of Kaya Man on facebook and DesertToad on Thingiverse and i just started 3d printing maybe a year or so ago? maybe less. been teaching myself to 3d model by watching youtube videos and reading up on it.
anyways…, so i got a problem, and i know we are very close to the deadline for this contest which is why i am starting to stress out a bit, i got many different good ideas for this contest, and i have already started 3 of them and pretty much finished one… i didnt hear bout this contest till there was only 7 days left and i still dont even know how long its been going on for lol so i got a late start i think? not sure how late but ya… been working my butt off on this since i found out about it…anyways, the 1 project i have pretty much finished has some small detail that my printer isnt the best with (flashforge finder) my prints also warp which is getting annoying, especially when im trying to hurry up and finish this before deadline…
SO… i am looking for someone with a SLA printer who would be kind enough to help me out and print my design for me (and if you are good at 3d modeling also then that would be a plus cuz i am pretty new to it so im not the best at 3d modeling at the moment. lol…
anyways, whoever can help me out with this ill give credit to as being my partner with this project when i post it, and also i will hook you up with a share of the prize if i win. we will have to talk about that part so hit me up on facebook or on here, ill try and remember to check my account on here more often. my facebook is thanks!

  • Kaya Man


I had a literal last miniute entry to Avatar design contest, and appreciate if anyone printed and uploaded some photos of it. The model is free to download. I don’t need the physical model sent to me. But you can share your print settings.

Thank you ^-^

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