Reminder ABS & PLA, plastics in general burn!

I’ve been seeing a lot of Candle holders, and other things that will be close to fire lately, an ashtray was even featured this week. Be careful with these things. Take a piece of your filament outside and hold a lighter to it for a few seconds before you consider putting a 3D printed thing anywhere near a heat source. All of the filaments I use burn very easily, and once they catch fire rivers of burning molten plastic drip off them too.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by the number 3 and the letter F.


Haha shame that so many designs revolve around placing candles in them. A good alternative is a dollar store flameless electric candle. Some of them even flicker!

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One has to be careful with PLA filaments and designs that use light bulbs. May not actually burn the filament but a light bulb (lamps, xmas lights etc) can generate enough heat to melt or warp the design if too close.


Then what would be a good alternative light source for placing in printed models? Thanks

I generally use LED bulbs. They have gotten MUCH cheaper than they used to be and don’t get hot at all. I also tend to print in ABS, Nylon, or PET which all get soft at much higher temperature than PLA when it’s going to be exposed to direct sunlight or a mild heat source. This reduces the change that it will deform over time.

Make it with glow in the dark filament and it’ll give off it’s own light :wink:

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yes, you are right. Since the high temperature could make the filaments melt.

It doesn’t just melt it catches fire and it burns and produces lots of black smoke. Take a pieces of filament outside and light it with a lighter, it catches fire just as easily as a candle would. And then it melts while it’s burning so you get a burning puddle…

I think this will clear things up…