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Printer Recommendations?


I ended up sacrificing the bed size and bought a PowerSpec Ultra 3d Printer from Microcenter when I was there at the store over the weekend. It is essentially a rebranded flash forge at 2/3 the cost. Comes with a acrylic door and top for ABS printing, led screen, dual extrusion,heated bed, sd card/wifi print connection. Works great with simplify3d which I already own. Some assembly was required. Minor adjustment to the print bed was needed.

Haven’t tried ABS yet. Quality of single PLA extrusion prints is impressive so far. Still experimenting with print settings for dual extrusion prints but overall I am impressed with what the machine can do,

Still interested in a printer with a bigger bed. Just haven’t made up my mind yet. The powerspec was a impulse buy so I could learn more about dual extrusion printing.


maybe you can consider He3D prusa i3 printer
printing size is 200200200mm/200280200mm
the price is just $210-$260


I might be late to this party, like really late… But I’ve had a tremendously awesome experience with creality ender 3 printer. It’s amazing how well it prints, and if you have more cash to burn you could always buy a cr10 or the bigger versions of that printer, I’m talking big print volumes, I think one of the cr10 models has a print volume of 500cm x 500cm x 540 cm but I might be guessing on that one. Creality is a wonderful brand definitely worth considering if you want to print large prints on a budget.