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Pinshape Ambassadors Wanted!


Do you love 3D printing? If so, we want you to join our team!

We’re looking for passionate Makers and Designers like you to share knowledge, and help make 3D printing easier for everyone. In return, you’ll get to be on the cutting edge of the industry, have a direct impact on how we evolve Pinshape, and get recognition and exposure for your hard work and talent. We’re working hard here to make 3D printing great, but as a small team, we can all accomplish so much more if we work together to build a community you love.

We’re currently looking for people to help us with the following roles:
Forum Moderator
Beta Tester
Contest Judge
Blog Contributor

For more details, you can check out our Pinshape Ambassador Program.

We can’t wait to work with to build something great together!

Nick, Co-Founder & COO


I’d like to do a tutorial at a point (about how to paint over 3d models) but I may not have time or enough ideas for writing an article every month. Would that be still ok?
Thank you.


You can still make a tutorial without being an Ambassador and then submit it to Karen for review to submit as a blog post.


Sounds good! Thank you!


“” From Plastic, to Fantastic !! “”
Post-Process Finishing is a fun topic, that doesn’t get much detailed attention. I spent 4months, researching, building-out and stocking-up a paint station. Models can come to life, once the maker understands some basics about: Prepping, Priming, Pre-shading, Basecoats, Highlighting, Detailing and Sealing. Techniques change a little, according to how the model will be displayed, or function. But the results are well worth the time and effort it takes to produce items that are “market-ready”, or just cool to look at :slight_smile:


@MorenaP yeah, for sure, we’d definitely be open to one time submissions if you don’t think you can commit to a longer ambassador role! And @tanya_Wiesner is right, I’d be the best person to contact for this. You’ve got my email I believe, and you can pitch your topic to me, and we’ll go over submission and edits :slight_smile:


@Karen_Lee Cool, Thanks!


I have placed my name for a couple positions. I am excited to have the opportunity to possibly help out!