Payment issues

can someone please advise i have had pinshape account for quite a while now and never had any issues but today i wanted to purchase a design and as normal i put my payment details in i got the green tick so all was ok or thought it was then when it went to bit where i could download it said payment had failed ??

i kept trying and time after time it failed so i tried on another computer and without realising i logged in with my old account details entered my payment info and everything worked as it should so now my main problem is all my files are on the account i can no longer for whatever reason make payments on to purchase anything :frowning: is there something i can check or change to make it work again ? as i did not use old account much i only have 2 items i just baught on there so would realy like to get my main account working if possible

Hi Steve, thanks for letting us know about these issues with processing payments on your account. Is steve_dutton the account which you are having trouble processing these payments with? Feel free to email [email protected] as well and we will help figure out what the issue is and fix it as soon as possible!

I bought a file for 1.99 and it gave me a green tick and nothing after that happened, it still said purchase I did not get a notification, i cant find any way to download the files from my purchase, please help.

same here. just purchased a file. entered my details, got the green tick, then payment failed. yet my bank messaged me for the transaction. and not i still can’t get my file. come on pinshape, fix this issue.

This happened to me yesterday, payment made not able to download the files.

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