Only the First 12 Thingiverse Models Imported

I let Pinshape import my models from Thingiverse, but it has only imported the first 12 models from my Thingiverse page. Any way I can force it to re-import the rest?

Hi @rebeltaz, you should be able to import your whole portfolio but it seems like Thingiverse has just changed their page formatting so we have some updates on our end to make so that we can import things that are not on the first page of your thingiverse profile. We are working on this and will hopefully have an update for you shortly!


Awesome. Thank you.

I just had the same issue where only my first 5 models imported and now it won’t give me the option to import from thinigiverse. I was excited to share but I have 50+ models and going individually would be a real pain

Lauren… I sent an email to support a few weeks ago, but I never received a reply. I’m hoping for better luck with this approach.

I have over 160 models up over on Thingiverse, but only 30 or so have auto imported over to Pinshape. I keep checking the [Check daily thingiverse import] checkbox and saving the settings, but not only is it not importing anything, the checkbox is not staying checked. Every time I log back in, that box has been cleared. Maybe you can look into this for me? Thanks.

I don’t think there’s any live comparison done. There are around 50 of my thingiverse designs which haven’t imported. Many of those have multiple parts or variants under the headers too.

From what I’ve seen, this site has even less interaction between us and them than over on Thingiverse.