Only get outline of a cookie cutter to print!

after i created an SVG. file on inkscape for a cookie cutter then uploaded it to tinkercad to create the cookie cutter then download as an .STL file run it through netfab for any errors (just in case) then send it to my MOD-T printer it only prints the bottom base outline, I only have this problem when i try to print a small cutter (30x30mm) or like 2x2 inches or 11/2x11/2 any small cookie cutter. I have even tried on my robo 3D printer and it shows only the bottom base. on both screens it shows a complete cutter but when i hit print it changes to just the outline, prints in about 2 minutes, I need help, by the way i am new to 3D printing!

Have you tried using Give it a try, it’s free and it’s good with fixing challenging models.

Thank You for that , I have not heard of it, but i will give it a try! Thank you so much for the info!!!