Number of files per listing

Today while uploading a modified file to a pre-existing listing, I failed to delete the original file before uploading the modified file. I noticed that the listing then contained two files and it got me wondering.

Does Pinshape allow multiple files in one listing? If the answer is yes, are the files then printed one at a time when the customer purchases the streaming version?

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Hi Tim,

Yes, you can put multiple files. For example: Pinshape

The maker will see this when they start streaming:

They can then choose which file out of the bunch they wanted to print first!

…and the 1 listing with multiple files still only counts as 1 against the 50 limit?

I think you may have gotten the terminology confused! Lemme clear it up for you :slight_smile:

  1. A design is a product listing with it’s own description etc. You can have unlimited designs for your account on Pinshape.

  2. A design file is a .STL or .OBJ file that is part of a design. Each design can have up to 50 design files. If files are zipped, that helps to reduce the total file size (the total file size limit is 100MB/design) but each of the files in the .zip will count as 1 file toward the limit of 50 for that design.

Hope this makes sense! You have unlimited designs, and each design listing itself can contain up to 50 design files.

Ahhhh!!! This changes everything then…changes it for the better!!

Thank you karen

TDR Innovations

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OK, now you have me rethinking how I am going to structure our listings on Pinshape and I have another question.

After a person purchases a design, that may contain about 10 files in it, how long does he have to stream and print all 10 files? Assuming there is a time limit.


There is no time limit! Until they’re done :slight_smile: