Not printable, am I missing something?

My latest couple of items for the low poly contest are “not printable” I did a few tweaks to the things I thought might be holding them back, but still in the not printable category…

I am used to shapeways, and they do have a nice automatic check and I have thumbs up on shapeways, so not sure why they aren’t compatible for pinshape.

May be missing a spot, I dunno? Any help as to why would be helpful. I’ll keep looking at it too…

These items: (want it printable in ceramic) (in the flexible plastic)

Figure out at least one problem… Had it as MM instead of CM…

@PINSHAPE did you add MM as an option in the past couple of weeks? I swear that it was only CM and that it didn’t have MM as an option earlier… so I got into the habit of not needing to check that part when submitting… Either way a funny “problem”

My ceramic pumpkin is still having issues… this is what i says in the message: minimum wall thickness should be greater then a mm (currently estimated at 6 mm)

So if it is 6mm doesn’t that mean that it is greater then 1mm? So why isn’t it printable?


Sorry for the inconvenience! We looked into your issue - there seems to have been an incorrect error message showing. The correct error message should have read: “For bounding box size 300 mm < X+Y+Z < 400 mm minimum wall thickness should be greater than 6 mm (currently estimated at 3.9 mm).” If you fix that sizing, then it should be good to print!