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Not entirely sure how to even ask this


I have been looking at some of the sites where stock and custom files are posted for sale, and I’ve seen one I like, for possible use in a project. Problem is, it’s nearly 6" in diameter, and I only need it to be about 1.1" in diameter.

Can STL or OBJ files be printed out at a different size than they actually are? I’m sure a good bit of detail could/will get lost, but the general shape isn’t too complex, and should still be workable.

I’d love to discuss this, and learn something about it!


Hi, stl files can be easily rescaled, if you need a precide dimension you can use meshmixer, or you can use the rescale function direcly in your slicer :slight_smile:
Probably there are even more ways to do it but for me the easiest way is to import the stl file directly into the slicer and use the rescale function built in it.

PS: if you want to scale down a “multiple part assembly” remember that clearances will scale down too so for example if you start with a clearance of 0.2mm to obtain a nice fit between two part if you scale down the object you will end up with a reduced clearance and your printer may not be able to achieve that kind of precision


Yes, what Stefano said, obj files work the same way. You can learn to slice your models in half along with pegs and cavities installed in the separate parts. I use blender which is free for editing. I had a difficult time learning to do this but it is worth doing.