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No Paypal deposit this month

This is the first month of me having a balance with Pinshape. Currently, I have $82 in my Pinshape account and the funds were SUPPOSED to be deposited into my Paypal account yesterday (Feb 15). As of this morning, the balance is STILL in my Pinshape account. I have verified that I have the correct Paypal email address in my account settings. I sent an email to support yesterday morning when I discovered the issue and have yet to hear anything back. What worries me is that my account now shows that the next payout date is March 15.

So, did I just get hosed out of getting my money this month? Going to be more than upset if I have to wait an entire month to get my money when I was clearly above the $30 minimum at the payout date.

Same think here but worse. Pinshape says that they have transfer me pay pay on 19th on my PayPal account today is 20 and I do not have receive anything so… what now. I am I. Pinshape from over 3 years and never transfer on time ( 15th each month). I have send a hole bunch of emails and never yes never answer.

I finally received my payout yesterday, but the amount my Pinshape dashboard showed as the payout amount and the amount I received in my Paypal account were two different things. Granted, it’s only $10 difference, but it’s still concerning since it seems my emails and this post fall upon deaf ears.

Same here for my last payout, the amount in my Paypal account is only 50% of what is shown in my Pinshape account? No response from Pinshape.

What I ended up doing in order to get the situation taken care of was to call Formabs directly, which is the parent company of Pinshape. I was never able to get in touch with anyone directly affiliated with Pinshape via email.

Did they help you getting your payout? Cause i tried calling them once before and they said they can’t help me and to just contact pinshape support which is freaking useless.

Hello, i am new member here and after i see those issues with paypal i wonder if its possible to choose another payment method?