New bed plate option seems cool

Saw this today:

I used to use a gluestick on my bed plate, but every so often I’d have to do a complete clean of my plate just because it starts to layer up. Thinking of using a PEI sheet, but this might work depending on the price. I like the idea of it being flexible enough to pop off your prints. What are the cons though? Trying to look at pros and cons right now and unsure if maybe there’s an even better alternative?

I also like the idea of bending the plate to get my prints off! Have you tried blue tape as well?

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I’ve heard of it, but I wasn’t too fond of having to tape on, and then remove the blue tape again and again. I know a buddy of mine has some painter’s tape i can probably borrow and try it out!

If you end up using painters tape, wipe it down with an cotton ball and a little rubbing alcohol to get rid of the build up of oils in the tape before your first print. Then after a few prints,wipe down tape again with rubbing alcohol. Makes the tape last longer and you won’t need to change it as often.

That does seem like an interesting option. They dont seem to promote other filaments aside from PLA/ABS for the plate though.

I’ve had awesome results with PEI on my bed plate of the mini. I am going to look at putting PEI on the taz as well. I am not a fan of tapes and glues on my bed.