Multiple downloads by one person!

Hi Folks
any one else had one person doing downloads of everyone of their designs?
Although very flattering it’s also slightly worrying, Why would someone want every one of your designs?

Yes, I have had that today. Downloaded all the free content. It does raise a red flag but as long as their plans conform to the licensing.

Hmm… I’ll see if this is concerning behavior. I’ll have the dev team see if there’s a pattern to this and if so, is it potentially malicious. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Thanks Karen :wink:

Thanks Karen

be interested whether its the same person doing the downloads!

well having spoken to Neilblue, it seems its the same person doing the multiple downloads
can we mention the name?

There are lots of people who would rather have their own personal repositories. Just look at the recent scare with PinShape going away. Who wouldn’t want to make a bot to scrape the repository, throw it on their own hard drive, and keep things safe.

Is it possible this is another Just3DPrintIt who’s going to do something nefarious (and stupid) and ignore licensing? Maybe. But probably it’s just someone with a scraper and a big hard drive making sure they don’t lose the pinshape models in the case of the worst.

agree… i have numerous users that download all my models since the “near end” of pinshape…

Hi guys,

So it seems it’s most likely attributable to the “Pinshape closing” period where there was a frenzy for models to be downloaded by a lot of people for their own purpose. Thanks for passing along the username of the suspected user by the way @jerrycon and @neilblue

Right now we can’t find any indication that they have violated any of our terms of use. But do let me know if this happens again in the future!

Hi Karen
thanks for that, but I must say that this has only happened in the last few days, unless the person actually comes on here and tells us why, I guess we will never know.
thanks again and happy printing :grinning: