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The release of Katy Perry’s and Taylor Swift’s new albums within the span of just a few weeks highlights a distinct difference between their approaches. Perry initially sidestepped a traditional release strategy, dropping standalone singles over the course of a year before finally announcing Smile in July (the “fan edition” will include all six pre-release songs). Swift, on the other hand, eschewed convention altogether by releasing her eighth album, Folklore, with little warning—an approach that, as Billboard pointed out, inoculated the highly personal, indie-inflected album from commercial expectations.

Katy Perry has two very personal projects being released this summer — the 12-track album “Smile” and a baby. Only one will really make people grin.

“Smile” comes three years after the dismal release of “Witness,” a criminally underappreciated album that’s considered a commercial dud.

That album contained the sociopolitical “Chained to the Rhythm” and the music flirted with a more hip-hop sound. It’s underperformance — and some heartbreak, we assume — led to a period that Perry describes in the liner notes as “my own darkest times.”

Smile still spotlights her ability to craft bold, infectious pop songs—but this time presented with an added subtlety and recognition of the moment. Perry is at the top of her lyrical game, penning tracks about insecurity, self-reflection and redemption. The album trades in big, boisterous beats for refined and ethereal synth instrumentation.

Opener “Never Really Over” documents her self-doubt after ending a long-term relationship and the constant cycle of urges to reconnect and rekindle a past love. “I gotta rewire this brain/ ‘Cause I can’t even go on the internet without even checking your name” Perry sings over the drum snare and slick synths before kicking into the wordy rhythms of the chorus. The song effectively sets the stage for what’s to come.

“Cry About It Later” takes Katy Perry from the pain and self-doubt of “Never” to her journey to suppress the feelings of pain. The track soars with an ’80s-influenced pulsing synth track building up to a dramatic guitar solo in its final moments. The song manages to be both subtle and subdued while also keeping her flare for the dramatic, serving up one of the standout tracks.

She offers advice on “Teary Eyes,” a dancehall track about overcoming and pushing through with the hope of a better day on the horizon. “Heart can’t break/ It’s already broken/ If the sun comes up/ Don’t ever care at all” she sings on the build-up to the bouncy chorus. “Daisies” brings a mix of electric and acoustic sounds to build a complex soundscape for her to sing about overcoming self-doubt and finding triumph in being a longshoremen. Perry’s vocal performance is impressive, pushing her formidable voice to its upper reaches on the chorus.