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“The whole mantra of this record is about being fearless and not holding yourself back,” Alana Haim told NME last year. At the time, Haim – completed by her sisters Danielle and Este – had only released two songs from their third album (‘Summer Girl’ and ‘Now I’m In It’) but you could sense from that pair’s disparate stylings and sensitive, unguarded subject matters that the LA band had stuck to that idea.

Haim’s third album, the cheekily titled Women in Music Pt. III, begins like an uncapped fire hydrant spraying water on a scorching summer day. A sax solo from Henry Solomon leads into Danielle Haim begging for a miracle from their hometown on album opener “Los Angeles.” While they love L.A., it’s bringing them down and they’re mulling what to make of their disappointment and disillusionment.
Since their album rollout was upended, they’ve been hard at work making the best of things, for themselves and for their fans. The sisters share social media accounts, and diving into the world of Haim Instagram often feels as if Blink-182 had peaked in 2020: gross-out humor, partial nudity that’s more goofy than seductive, and generally a good time for all. Danielle Haim, 31, posed for an at-home photo shoot to promote the single “I Know Alone,” surrounded by empty wineglasses and beer cans, and draped only in a discarded copy of the local newspaper. Alana Haim, 28, has taken up needlepoint, documenting her new hobby with a video set to the Ying Yang Twins. In May, the sisters reunited in person for a series of virtual choreography lessons for fans, spurred on by tutorial requests for the moves in their music videos. Lately, they’ve put the fun and games on pause to use their platform for activism, sharing photos taken at LA’s Black Lives Matter demonstrations — including a “prosecute killer cops” sign — and calling for Mayor Eric Garcetti to remove the current LAPD chief from his position.

“Hometown of mine/Just got back from the boulevard can’t stop crying,” she sings on the first verse. “The guy at the corner shop gave me a line and a smile/I know he was trying/But a lie is a lie.”

“Los Angeles,” like all the best moments on WIMPIII (out June 26), is packed from line to line with vivid scenes and razor sharp emotional precision. The album is an immediate gem in their still-expanding catalog; it’s a resonant reflection on pain, depression, love and home that forsakes some of their big, drum-heavy pop leanings for a smoother, more inward experience.

Tracklist >>>

  1. Los Angeles

  2. The Steps

  3. I Know Alone

  4. Up From A Drema

  5. Gasoline

  6. 3 AM

  7. Don’t Wanna

  8. Another Try

  9. Leaning On You

  10. I’ve Been Down

  11. Man From The Magazine

  12. All That Ever Mattered

  13. FUBT

  14. Now I’m In It

  15. Hallelujah

  16. Summer Girl