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(^/Mp3~Zip/)) Drakeo the Ruler – THE TRUTH HURTS Mixtape Full Download 2021


(^/Mp3~Zip/)) Drakeo the Ruler – THE TRUTH HURTS Mixtape Full Download 2021. Hello friends, If you want to download free Mixtape, you are in the right place to. Hit the play button or download this hot new Mixtape to your play list. Listen And Download Below;. Drakeo the Ruler – THE TRUTH HURTS Mixtape Download.

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Download Here >>>


If you’re a rapper, the stakes are amplified. Your window to capitalize on fleeting styles and migratory fans is extremely limited. You can beat the case only to come home and be rendered obsolete. The style of beats you rapped over seems stale. Your influence has mutated beyond you and your slang is dated. Despite your legendary status, the streets may not want to hear conceptual opuses about your seasons in hell. Boosie skated on a murder rap, rotted a half-decade in the pen, and was still just 31 when he dropped Life After Deathrow. Yet when I visited Baton Rouge barely two years after his release, they exclusively bumped Kevin Gates, Youngboy, and Gee Money. I’ll ride eternally for his post-Angola catalogue, but everyone I interviewed said that the new music didn’t hit like the canonized ghetto stories.

The carceral system has spent centuries perfecting medieval tortures to break your soul and spirit. Creativity decays when your senses are deprived and the only view is steel, cinderblock, and the human inferno. Verses scratched behind bars often wind up discarded. The rhythms are stiff and dissonant, the words overly repetitive. From there, it can takes months in the studio to regain equilibrium. But the moment of true excitement has passed. The only promises in life are death, taxes, and the Internet moving on.

Drakeo the Ruler celebrated his birthday by dropping his mixtape, We Know The Truth, at the top of December and he followed up swiftly with the deluxe version with an additional seven tracks. The original release We Know The Truth included guest appearances from Lil Yachty, Tee Grizzley, Rich The Kid, and Lil Mosey as well as fellow members of the Stinc Team (Rassy Bugatti, Ketchy The Great, and Ralfy The Plug) with the deluxe edition boasting additional features from Sean Kingston and Shoreline Mafia’s OhGeesy.

The D.A. and Sheriff’s Department dreamed about locking up Drakeo for the remainder of his natural life, but they always knew that failure could still mean victory. To be at war with the state is to understand that time is weaponized against you. There are infinite resources and sadistic technicalities to seal your fate. Even the wealthy can be bled to bankruptcy via hundreds of thousands in legal fees. If the jury hangs, you might only be able to afford a public defender for the retrial, which can sign your death letter. Even if you win and freely walk out the cage, you’ve likely been forced to sell all your assets and wind up worth little more than the jumpsuit on your back.

  1. Intro (The Truth Hurts) (Ft. SaysoTheMac)

  2. Too Icey

  3. NO APOLOGIES (Ft. Damon)


  5. 10

  6. Same Order

  7. ENGINEER SCARED (Ft. Ketchy the Great & KrispyLife)

  8. Chrome Hearts (Ft. Pressa)




  12. Dawn Toliver (Ft. Don Toliver & Ketchy the Great)

  13. When Thugs Cry


  15. Tear The Club Up (Ft. Ketchy the Great & Ralfy the Plug)

  16. TALK TO ME (Ft. Drake)

  17. Talk To Me (Radio Edit) (Ft. Drake)