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Doves did not end on a high note. Their last album, Kingdom Of Rust, combined little strands of everything they’d done before, trying to balance atmospheric adventurousness and the more streamlined songwriting of its predecessor, 2005’s Some Cities. But rather than refinement of the past or breaking ground for a new chapter, Kingdom Of Rust felt a little true to its title — tired and worn, the once majestic architecture of Doves’ songwriting now wearing down. The album wasn’t bad altogether, and still had its highlights, but you could sense that maybe Doves had found themselves in a rut. Apparently the band felt the same way. As the Kingdom Of Rust era segued into a greatest hits, the band embarked on a long hiatus. Doves needed a break from themselves, a breather so they could later return renewed once more, as they’d been when the band first arose from the ashes of their original trio Sub Sub.

It has been eleven years, and Doves’ return marks a novel and monumental chapter in a durable career tinged with acclaim and success.

But the Manchester trio have not been resting on their laurels, far from it. Following a series of projects, it is time to breathe some fresh air into the legacy.

Signs of activity have been noted. There was a writing session in the Peak District in 2017 and some shows calling at London’s Royal Albert Hall and Somerset House last year. Things have been brewing for a while, focusing on the culmination of a fifth studio album this year. Involving the past as much as the present, this record exhibits an expression of clarity from start to finish. With fluidity and ease aplenty, the ten songs on ‘The Universal Want’ render a soulful, elevated journey visiting outer and inner locations, providing the listener with a sense of fulfilment.

A mighty project of insight, album opener ‘Carousels’ offers stellar vibrancy, and the inclusion of a Tony Allen drum sample adds inventive structure. Crisp-sounding and bouncy, the melodic textures uncover a song of beauty and create a pathway that leads to ‘I Will Not Hide’.

Dreamy and atmospheric, wavy guitar lines are produced, forming a structure in and around the melody before the organic flow and chorus of ‘Broken Eyes’ take centre stage. So far, every tune has delivered and contributed to a rapturous listen.

There’s a moment that comes about halfway through “Prisoners” that says everything about where Doves–and many of their fans–find themselves at the end of this brutal and heartbreaking summer of 2020. A frenzied and urgent guitar solo gives way to a sparse acoustic guitar-and-strings interlude. And then Jimi Goodwin’s familiar world-weary voice sings: