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@[email protected] ((Static-X Project Regeneration)) ^^Zip^^ Full Album Download


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Download Here ::::

Project Regeneration Vol. 1 is the upcoming seventh studio album by American industrial metal band Static-X, set to be released on July 10, 2020 by Otsego Entertainment Group, distributed by The Orchard Music, a subsidiary of Sony Music. It will be the band’s first studio album in eleven years following Cult of Static (2009), marking the longest gap between two studio albums in the band’s career, and their first album not on Warner Bros. or Reprise Records. The album features part of the last recordings of deceased front man Wayne Static, who died in 2014, with his role being filled by a new front man credited as “Xer0”. Project Regeneration will also see the return of the original Static-X lineup – bassist Tony Campos, guitarist and programmer/keyboardist Koichi Fukuda and drummer Ken Jay – and is being produced by Ulrich Wild, who has produced and/or mixed all but one studio album by the band in the past.


  1. Dreamland
  2. Tangerine
  3. ((home movie: 1994))
  4. Hot Sugar
  5. ((home movie: btx))
  6. Space Ghost Coast to Coast
  7. Tokyo Drifting (feat. Denzel Curry)
  8. Melon and the Coconut
  9. Your Love (Deja Vu)
  10. Waterfalls Coming Out Your Mouth
  11. It’s All So Incredibly Loud
  12. ((home movie: rockets))
  13. Domestic Bliss
  14. Heat Waves
  15. ((home movie: shoes on))
  16. Helium
  17. ((home movie: are you watching tv?))

Under normal circumstances, the next album would have simply had its own title and there would be no confusion. However, due to the fact this large collection of songs are the final works featuring Wayne, we wanted to release them under the same title.

Volume 2 is still in the process of being recorded and does not yet have a release date.

You will be able to pre order Volume 2 in the future, but please also understand that you are under NO obligation to purchase Volume 2. It is a totally separate release. We will share song clips and teasers for Volume 2 at the appropriate time. There are no additional changes to the existing pre-order.

Again, we appreciate everyone’s involvement and excitement around this very unique and special chapter of Static-X.

Below are some quotes from the band about how all of this transpired.

“We have been working on a lot of material over the last year and a half and while selecting the songs to move into the final mix phase, it became clear that there is just too much material and too little time for this to be a single album.” Says drummer Ken Jay.

“The last thing that we wanted to do was make the fans wait any longer.” Adds Tony Campos. “We also didn’t want to abandon the remaining material, because it is very close to being complete and we know that the fans are going to want to be able to hear and experience all of it. We also recognize that all of this music is part of the same body of work, which marks this very important chapter of STATIC-X, so it is only logical to release all of the music under the same banner, PROJECT REGENERATION.”