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As with the rest of humanity, Alanis Morissette’s big plans for 2020 haven’t quite worked out. With the hit musical of Jagged Little Pill running strong on Broadway as the year began, she was going to release her first album in eight years, the wrenching Such Pretty Forks in the Road, in May and then tour for the 25th anniversary of her debut. The new album is still coming out — now on July 31st — but the rest of it has evaporated. “It’s the classic stages of grief,” says Morissette. As for the nearly decade-long wait between studio albums, there’s an all-too-simple explanation, she adds with a laugh: “I think it’s straight-up having three children.” (To hear the entire interview on the new episode of our Rolling Stone Music Now podcast, press play below, or download and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Spotify.)
If I haven’t had any time with myself, there’s no way I’m going to be sleeping. The noises wake me and they go, “come on, write about it!” Whenever there’s something left undone that is really important to me, I won’t sleep. It’s the most creative time, because everyone’s sleeping, and I can sort of take off my mom hat. I can just really follow my muse and get into that expansive state of just being receptive to whatever is coming, whether it’s a lyric or an idea or something to edit or artwork or design for something.
Alanis Morissette was famous for being angry. For her legions of young female fans in the Nineties, her third album Jagged Little Pill was an outlet for their own rage – rage they’d been forced to swallow on too many occasions. For certain critics, it was emblematic of “feminist hysteria”, to which they responded with derision and mockery. She didn’t mind. “If I were to be violently and rudely one-dimensionalised the way that was happening during that time,” she said in a recent interview with The Independent, “I’ll take anger. I think anger is pretty amazing.”
Morissette has spoken in recent interviews about suffering from post-partum depression, and doesn’t shy away from the topic here either. “Ablaze”, a highlight on an album of highlights, is devastating and visceral, bringing in biblical imagery to explore the unbreakable bond between mother and child. “My mission is to keep the light in your eyes ablaze,” she sings to her son. “I am here hell or high water,” she tells her daughter. “Diagnosis”, with its mournful violins, is the relief that comes with being able to put a name to a previously indescribable condition.