Mostfun Pro: World’s First Intel Inside Desktop 3D Printer

Interesting article on about a 3d printer with a intel chip inside: Link

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This looks really cool. I love it when companies build off the shoulders of others instead of fully re-inventing the wheel each time. I’m all for better compatibility and less drivers!

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Yeah the printers having more horsepower definitely opens possibilities. I have a friend with a RoStock Max (A delta printer). When he first got it, it came with a 16bit Arduino based controller. When you looked at the print results they weren’t horribly but you could definitely see a bit of a wave on flat surfaces. The 16bit processor couldn’t recalculate head positions frequently enough to make them dead flat. He bought himself a 32-bit smoothy board and the results were beautiful ( The processor was fast enough to keep up with the head and making everything dead flat.

Of course there are lots of other advantages too, as soon as you have a real computer on your printer you can add Webserver based control software, built in slicers and all sorts of other good stuff.