Model Size Display

I’m finding your website to be somewhat frustrating to use as a designer.

I want to see what the dimensions of my uploaded model are. The problem is that since my model is inexplicably ‘unprintable’ (despite no problem via Shapeways), it will not display size. This does not help with diagnosing printing issues.

Last but not least, the results I get from clicking my avatar and my dashboard seem redundant. Perhaps I just need more time on your site, to get my head wrapped around it.

Hi Lobot,

Thanks for the feedback. We are certainly open to any suggestions on how to improve the site experience and are constantly evolving. As a relatively young site, we know not every part of the user experience is flawless, but we are working hard to improve it each day.

The dimensions not showing for something that isn’t printable is certainly an easy update and is in the pipeline. We also realize we need to improve the feedback for the printability status and errors, and have some changes planned there as well.

As for the dashboard, we would love to have some thoughts on what information you would find useful for us to provide, and we can certainly work on adding it.

Thanks for your feedback and patience.

Nick, Co-founder.

Hi Nick,

Thank you for the reply. I’m sorry if I can off gruff. I think I was a bit grumpy over my print that wouldn’t go though. I’m glad to hear about improvements regarding printability status and errors. That space between .STL export and printing can be something of a black box when it comes to massaging your file to get it approved for printability.

I will try to get my thoughts together regarding the dashboard and post again. I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ and complain and yet give no suggestion for improvement.

Thank you again.

Hi Lobot,

Not a problem at all, I totally understand that it can be a frustrating experience sometimes. We truly appreciate the feedback, so thanks for letting us know! I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts.