Micro Prints

Hi all,

I havent done much in the way of micro printing before but today I swapped out my nozzles down to a .2mm and tried a small Canadian Dime sized print with a maple leaf on it. Id love to see what others have done in the Desktop 3D printing community. Show off your micro prints!

.1mm layer height
18mm Diameter
1.9mm overall thickness
~10mm at the widest point of the Maple Leaf.

I did these a while back— and on my first try, I had forgotten how flat these were, so I was used a thicker layer height. Readjusted to 0.1mm layer height and they came out decently :smile:

.1mm layer height
15mm diameter


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Thats a lot of details in something so tiny @Karen and the .1mm version turned out great. Good detail for a fast print as well.

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Not sure if you have seen my print of a superman ring yet but I’d consider that a micro print. It certainly was the most detailed small print I have done anyway. Unfortunately I hadn’t taken any pre-sanding pictures but I am relatively surprised how nice it turned out, especially after a bath in acetone (or M.E.K.)

The ring is US size 10. Printed at 0.1mm layer height with a 0.3mm nozzle.



@neilblue- That was the superb print man! Perfect size and precision. Wish I could wear those superman rings being the big fan of the fictional character.

Great looking print Neil!