MendelMax 3 Full Kit Dual Extruder vs LulzBot Mini (printer under $1700)

I need help choosing a 3d printer. After several hours of research for my price point (under $1700) I came across two printers that look brilliant. The LulzBot Mini Desktop ($1250) and the MendelMax 3 Full Kit Dual Extruder printer ($1690). I am not afraid of DIY printers and actually would love to build one. I have experience building a reprap printer from HE3D whose instructions were written in broken English - luckily I was able to figure it out. I want a quality printer with a decent sized build volume. The lulzbot printer looks amazing however lacks dual extrusion and a large build size. After reading and watching reviews I do not know which to get. The MendelMax is $300 more. Is it worth it to get a bigger build size and dual extrusion with better extruders in exchange for a DIY build and lack of automatic leveling? I am definitely open to other 3d printers, however these two meet my expectations. Which one should I get?

List of what I want:
Quality (100 microns or under)
Printer Build Quality (I like the rollers and aluminum build on the MendelMax)
Print size (Over 200mm on all axis if possible - Lulzbot does not meet this)
Want to print ABS and Exotics
I’m a tinkerer - wouldn’t mind upgrading/DIYing
Cost effective and reliable (my reprap HE3D printer is anything but this)


The Monoprice Pro got a really good review on hackaday, but the build area is only 200 x 200 x 175

If you are willing to do a true DIY, the prionttable is very cool. Its website where you can buy kits from, you still have to source your own motors and belts and pulleys.

its Build Area (mm) is
X Axis 340
Y Axis 320
Z Axis 300

Good luck, your MendelMax 3 kit would serve you well too.

autoleveling is a bit overrated, the 3 point leveling is actually pretty easy, 4 point was a real pain.

Dual extrusion is cool, but overrated right now, especially with the current tech. Tom did a good review on a new kickstarter that is doing dual extrusion in a different way.

in my opinion its not really worth it right now, and if you change your mind, most printers can add another extruder without a lot of trouble.

Good Luck!

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Thanks Jordan. I’ll definitely look into the printtable DIY design. Most likely I’ll end up with the MendelMax!