Mature content on pinshape

I read through the terms and conditions, and then the FAQ, which says something like “if grandma wouldn’t like it, keep it to yourself” but then on the pinshape upload page I noticed there is an optional “mature content” checkbox.

So now I’m confused and hoping for some clarification on the rules, I figure it will be community driven and somewhere there is a line in the sand between what is and is not acceptable here.

I have this sculpture made in sculptris, but I’m not sure which side of the line it would fall on, I think it is definitely art, but I’m sure someone out there will probably think it’s closer to porn… I’m hoping for a bit of guidance here, I don’t want to get banned straight out of the gate…

I’ve uploaded a video of it to youtube (flagged as adult there too, just in case) It is a demoness / succubus statuette that contains nudity.

(potentially NSFW particularly if you work in a monastery or something)

So, what do people think? I put this one up because it is about as risque as my work is going to get, is this acceptable on pinshape or would I need to tone my models down a bit to upload them here?

edit: So I have been browsing through the designs here and seen some things looks like I shouldn’t have any problems at all if I flag it as mature.

Hi Boggers, thanks for posting here first! Yes, you’re right - please mark this design as mature. Looking forward to seeing your future designs as well!

Hey, thanks for the reply.

I’ve tried uploading this three times now, each time it gets to the end of the progress bar then says “Failed to connect to server. Try again later.”

stl file size is 95,300 KB which should be under the 100MB limit, 3rd attempt was with a 23MB stl but it still failed. No problems on other smaller model. All stls were saved out of meshmixer. Any ideas what is going wrong?

edit: nevermind, upload is working now! Using Chrome, no idea what was wrong.