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Import Designs from Thingiverse Fails - "Thingiverse username not found. Br8knitOFF"


However, all my designs can be found here:

Tried adding ‘br8knitoff’, ‘br8knitoff/designs’, etc. to no avail.


Looks like it’s issuing a 301 redirect on the old account profile and appending /designs to it.

Is that what’s breaking the design import?


Having the same issue, I cannot find any resolution. I have even tried using my Thingiverse ID {1306683}, but still says “Thingiverse username not found.”


Same here. I’ve even tried my old Thingiverse username, without success. Maybe that’s the problem, users who have changed the username in Thingiverse. Did you change your usernames?


I have changed my name in the past and i too am having a hard time getting this to work. Says “thingiverse username not found.”