I'm surprised by how good getting likes and downloads feels

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I’m new to posting things online for the public to view and just wanted to comment on how awesome it feels when I get a notification that my design was liked or even downloaded. I’ve only a few designs with a few likes but getting a virtual thumbs-up from a passing stranger is surprisingly awesome. Not really sure with what to do with that, but Thank You! I’ve started to check my email more often in hopes of finding notes from Pinshape. I often announce the notifications to my wife who has quickly stopped caring. Anyway, I wanted to share that, say thanks and remind you to like someone else’s design if you want, it might make their day.

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Isn’t it awesome? I’m new to 3D printing and modeling as well (just got my first 3D printer at the end of February) and Pinshape already featured some of my designs! They even tweeted about them!

I doubt I’ll ever become a “professional 3D designer” or anything like that but it feels great to have your art/functional designs showcased like that.

I also find the contests inspiring. For example, I’m not a mechanical engineer but when I saw some fidget spinners entered and accepted into the mechanical design contest I thought, “why not?” and entered my own. I even came up with a wind-powered mechanical “Invincible Lawn Star” (haha) specifically for the contest.

If it weren’t for the contest I might not have come up with such a cool thing! My neighbors have already inquired as to, “where’d you get that cool star?!?” and “where can I get one?”

I’m already working on an Independence Day themed lawn star spinner =)

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