How to upload prints on Makesolid contest

I have prints that I want to enter in the makesolid new print contest for past winners how do I add my print to the contest. Please be specific in your reply and tell me what to click because I cannot find how to enter my print.


Prints need to be a design found on On each design on the site you can find a upload print button that lets you upload your photos of your print of the selected design. If you are uploading prints of your own design, upload the design, then you can upload a print.

I have already uploaded a print and a design. How do I get it to be in the MakeSolid Filament Contest

If your print was printed with a MadeSolid Filament your Print’s “Filament Brand” must say MadeSolid to be a valid entry into the contest. Says right on the contest page details.

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Here is the link below so you can review contest details :slight_smile:

I read that like a 100 times. How do I share a print? I qualify for all contest details and I won a roll of filament from make solid

My filament brand is MakeSolid. I put that as my brand but it is not in the contest.

I figured out the issue, I was writing MakeSolid not MadeSolid. My mistake, thanks for your help

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Hi! I’m having a similar issue, except I spelled MadeSolid correct. I submitted my prints last night (Dec 30th):

And it isn’t showing up on the contest page?

Shoot a email to @Karen or @nick_schwing

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Hi @Dr_Zeus,

This has now been fixed and your entry should show up on!

Thanks for bearing with us while we fixed the bug!