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How to resolve Epson Printer Error Code 0x97?


If you have an Epson Printer Error Code 0x97 when printing, you have to wonder why this 0x97 error code happens when you order a print job from your phone. Keep reading until the end, with the help of which you can remove this error on your own, we have some troubleshooting steps given below.

Epson printers are the most widely used and highly respected worldwide for their print quality, but most users who use Epson printers particularly from a long-term recorded that error code 0x97 usually occurs with Epson system during the printing process.

On the printer indicator, this error code appears giving up the notice to turn off and on the Epson printer. The printer will suddenly stop the printing work when this error occurs. This mistake is the result of some problems involving your printer’s internal hardware. Although solving any printer issue often needs technical know-how, we have listed some easy steps in this article that can be easily solved by a client.

Epson Printer Customer Support:-
If the problem does not resolve after following the above steps, call for further assistance to Epson Printer Customer Support +1-866-748-5444 immediately. Epson printer support expert technicians can solve your problem in just a few minutes. So don’t hesitate, call now for help from Epson.


it has been seen that sometimes when you use printer for a very long time then it may trigger error Epson printer error code 0X9. if it is the case power off printer for few minutes and restart it.

Another most common reason of this error could be something stuck inside the printer like torn paper, you just need to clean the printer from inside and use a lint free cloth for cleaning.

if problem not resolved then try

  1. Reset the cartridge
  2. Align and clean the print head

if you need any further details on this Epson printer error then you may read this blog as was able to resolve this issue through this blog.


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