How to go from a Green Free Tag to a Blue Paid Tag?

I could use some help here in this area. I have uploaded a design and a picture of the design I printed. I then selected $1.00 but the item uploaded as a free download. No where do I see an area where I can toggle streaming or Downloadable. Is that in a certain area? How do I solve this

Hi, if you want to change something just go to your profile, dashboard and then scroll down until you find your design list, then click on the button “edit design”, then you can change the price :wink:
Hope, this helps, have a nice day :slight_smile:

hi boisefoundry

I already have this question, but when i shared the link of my design with a friend, he verified that he had to pay.

I think the only person that can see it free is you, and the reason is obvious. But, yeah, it’s bit confusing.

Thank You for the Replies

Seems if I had just waited a day it went in as a blue Pay tag.
I do see that when I look on my dashboard it’s green tagged to me.