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How to create models that are cheaper to print?


Not sure sure this is the right place to post this, if not please move this post.

I would like to know if it’s possible to make my models cheaper for purchase if printed by Pinshape.
Although my models are already hollow to safe material, the prices are pretty steep compared to my own PLA printed versions.
I don’t use escape holes (ugly), so I’m guessing you have to pay for all the material used.
Are there other methods, except down sizing, to push the printing price down that I don’t know of?


Hey Egon,

If you are printing multiple items, this blog post has some useful tips.



Agreed on the escape holes, not a fan either.
If you’ve already hollowed your mesh and scaled to a point you’re happy I may suggest rearanging your pieces to be as close as possible. Similar to how you lay it out on a build plate arrange the pieces so they are each 2mm apart. Pinshape’s calculator takes volume and number of files into account consolidating each will give you a better base price, sometimes as much as half.


Thanks guys, placing the parts closer together might be a good option when I need more than one model. The parts in my models are designed for FDM printers and already pre assembled to have a working toy after printing. I could re-arrange the models for the Pinshape printers and materials because there is no need for support.


I was told that pinshape orders are actually being printed by sculpteo so looking at how they price and how users with sculpteo manage their prints fora better price would be good.

(Also told that they will be using other companies as well in the near future)