How to contact Pinshape? Was shorted on payments last month

I have been trying periodically over the past month to try and get in contact with someone at Pinshape. I’ve sent at least 3 emails to the ONLY email address associated with Pinshape and have now called FormLabs three times over the past two days trying to get someone to listen to my issue. Anyone know any tricks to actually get someone to respond?

Last month was my first month in receiving payments from Pinshape. After them being 5 days late from the scheduled transfer date, the amount that my dashboard showed was deposited into my Paypal account was in fact $10 MORE than what was actually deposited. Granted, it’s only $10, but if I can’t get in touch with someone to try and rectify the situation, this doesn’t really want me to deal with Pinshape as a clearinghouse for my designs.