How Pinshape Works?

Hi everyone , can anyone pls explain me how this site works??? As far as I understand the deal is uploading models to get 3d printed and be sold , now my questions is how are the profits shared in this business (between the artist and the site ) and if there’s another advantages in uploading my designs here I would love to know them .
Thanks in advance for any help in solving my questions!!!

Hi Giancarlo,

Welcome to Pinshape!

You’re right about the way things work, so I’ll explain in a little more detail.

As a Featured Designer, you have the ability to upload your 3D models to Pinshape and choose to sell or share them. By default, all models must be available to purchase as professionally printed items, printed on demand by our partners and shipped directly to your customers. Additionally, you can choose to make your design files available for download, either for free or for a fee. Finally, you can also choose to allow Streaming, which is a process that pre-slices your design files and sends them to a customer’s 3D printer without ever giving them access to the design files.

In all of those cases, you can set a price and get paid when sales are made. The sales are split the following ways:

  1. Downloads/Streaming: Final Price = [Designer Markup]*1.3 ==> We add a 30% fee
  2. Prints: Final Price = Cost to Print + [Designer Fee]*1.03 ==> We add 3% on your markup as a payment processing fee.

One cool advantage you get by uploading your designs with Pinshape is the opportunity to have your work sold on our Amazon store, which is the largest eCommerce site in the world. This means that even though our community is still growing, you can already access a massive potential customer base.

For more info, check out our How It Works Section

Hope that helps!
Nick, Co-Founder