How can I see who bought my print?

Hi there
While I can see the history of who liked my models, or downloaded them for free, I cannot find how to see who bought them.
Can somebody help? Thank you.

Hi Morena,
Welcome to the Pinshape forum, and it’s great to hear that people are downloading from you.
Currently we do not support showing who has downloaded from whom but if the people who downloaded from you want to be recognized they will comment and share their prints on your product page.

Eddie Y

Hi Eddie.
Thanks for your answer. A few questions regarding it.
Is there a particular reason why buyers would be kept anonymous? I understand from the general public, but why even from the designer personal dashboard? Why is there a difference of disclosure, between users downloading for free and users paying for the model? And, is this info something that Pinshape is looking to implement?
Thank you again!

Hi Morena,

This is a feature we’re working on and will implement in the future. Once fully developed and launched, designers will get to see who bought/downloaded from them, free and premium models. (perhaps you may be interested in being a beta tester :slight_smile: )

Out of curiosity and also feedback to help us how to best implement this for you and other designers.
Care to tell why you are interested in a list of buyers/downloaders and how will you use this list as a designer?

I personally would like to see a cleaner interface for seeing what is purchased or downloaded by a monthly basis rather than who downloaded it. Would be even nice as a future possibility to see trending search terms in my dashboard so I know more about what people may want to print.

We know what you mean, Tanya. We’ve been focusing a lot on trying to make the site easier to use for people who are looking for models to print and will be working on ways to make designers’ lives easier in the near future. This is one of the things we will be discussing for sure.

I’m looking forward to more data on downloads, views and trends as well. It’s very nice to be able to see the analytics on what is being viewed and downloaded more on a daily basis. It helps me decide what to work on next.

I have to say it’s so much nicer to upload prints these days then it used to be. I appreciate how fast new features and fixes are going in.

Hi Eddie
I’m very happy to know that this will be implemented. I’d be happy to be a beta tester.
Here why I think it would be useful, other than fair.
When on Pinshape, people can only download/buy when logged in, while on other websites like Thingiverse anybody can download. There is already a different personal engagement. For example, when a person buy on Shapeways (which again happen through log-in account), I get notified and invited to send a courtesy note to the buyer. That helps to make more tangible the relationship between the designer and the costumer, and to open the communication for future exchanges. I find this action to be more important to do with people that actually bough the design (and supported the designer) than with people that downloaded the design for free.

@MorenaP Thanks for clarifying! That’s what we figured, but wanted to hear it from you to be sure! The other aspect of that, then, would be an on-site messaging system to be able to communicate with people more easily. We are also thinking about how to make interactions easier in general, and plan for things like ‘@’ style mentions of people where you can tag them in comments to get their attention. I can’t promise timing on any of these things right now, but we are certainly on board with making communication easier.

@dan_steele requests noted, they all sounds reasonable and helpful to me. Just a matter of time! That being said… we are looking to hire a developer locally, if you know anyone, please direct them our way and we’ll get these changes made faster! haha

Hi @nick_schwing
On a similar topic, how can I contact other users on Pinshape, other than to hire them?
Thank you!

Hi Morena, sadly, as of right now the only way to get in touch with users is through the hire me button or by commenting on one of their designs/prints/replying to their comments. We know that the social interaction of the site is clunky, and quite frankly sucks, so it’s a highly prioritized candidate for overhaul. If you have any thoughts on how you’d like a messaging system to look/work, please do share, maybe in another thread if you don’t mind. I’ve gone ahead and setup a feature request thread on the topic to gather some input:

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I have a similar issue. It would be great to allow communication between who downloads the stream to know the success of it. This is useful for feedback on final product after it is printed on different types of printers or know suggestions from the users to update the design. Other website for example cgtrader allows it.

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That makes a lot of sense pkb81, we plan to do some work in the not-too-distant future to overhaul our communication, and this will be part of it for sure.

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did they pay? if so why would you care.