Hey, is it possible to make money off of my designs from people purchasing a print from this site?

Hi, I’m new…

I was curious if your site, pinshape, allowed people to make money off of people having a design you made printed on a printer owned by pinshape “not my printer printing it, I was curious if pinshape offered a printing service” if this is possible, how does it work? Thnx. :slight_smile:

as far I’m aware of you can sell your models through pinshape (they will add 30% to the price of your model as commission fee if I remember correctly) to whoever want to print it with its personal printer , but I don’t think that pinshape offers a printing service.

Ah, bummer, I guess that’s still okay, but are there any sites I can post my models for print on demand service where I wouldn’t have to print said model? This would vastly increase my customer base. Thank you for your time.

Mmmmm… I’m sorry but I don’t know any sites like this, maybe i materialise or shapeways can meet your requrements but I have no experience with these sites. Probably someone else can suggest you better than I could.

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There are sites I believe that offer print on demand. I am trying to set myself up with print on demand as I already do it for lots of friends. Let me know if I can help.