Help 3D Test Print

Hello, my name is Nathan.

I have been 3d modeling for a few months now and I recently became interested in 3d printing. Unfortunately, I do not own a 3d printer. I have a design that I would like to try to sell but I would like to know if it prints correctly and what to expect when it prints. I was wondering if anybody would be interested in helping me print this.

Note: I won’t be able to pay someone to do this (in case you are expecting compensation) and I’m sorry that I won’t be able to. I understand that this is probably a pretty big favor.

what is the design?
how big is it?

Thank you for the reply. It is a dragon. The dimensions of it are 5.61 x 5.36 x 5.93 inches. I have both a .stl and .obj for it however I am able to export it as different file types as well.

That’s very big,
Have you ran it through a slicer to get an estimate on print time?
Is it in one piece or is it split in to multiple parts?
because if it is one piece I bet it will require a ton of support.
I’m not sure if I am willing to donate tens of hours of print time…
I could do a scaled down version…

I have not yet looked at it through a slicer (thanks for mentioning that, I will do that now). It is in one piece and if it is possible to scale it down then it is completely fine to do so. When I created the design, I assumed that a printers minimum thickness was a mm and tried to make all parts of it thicker than that without the overall design being greater than 6 inches in any dimension. That might be a problem when scaling it down.

Edit: It is able to be scaled down to 80 percent ( maximum dimension being 4.74 inches)
So I tried using slic3r and it looked fine on it. I guess slicer by itself is unable to estimate the time so I uploaded the gcode to gcode analyzer. I’m not sure if it is reading it correctly because it is saying that the time is 0:1:25
Figured out the problem, the estimated time is now 4:37:54(for full scale)

just send me the file so I can look at it myself
then I will be able to tell you if it is printable and if I am willing to print it
Or are you worried I will “steal” you design? If so you can put some watermark on it or something.

What would be the best way to send it to you? Like through email?

I’ve sent you a PM with my e-mail