Hearting items not working?

I had my father heart or “vote” for some of my items for my contest entries in the current low poly contest for pinshape. Problem was even checking it again, it didn’t seem to be working for him.

Anyone else having problems hearting items? When you click on a heart to favorite it, it should turn from a grey or black heart line, to a red one. this did not happen, nor did I get an email for those items saying that he had faved them.

A bit subtle too hard to see if you did in fact fav it, a pop up would be nice or a bit more telling then a faint heart symbol.

anyway still does it work for you?

Since only the top 10% of “hearted” contest entries are judged, this could be a bit problematic.

After looking into this a little, it seems like there is just a feedback issue. There are cases where the like button actually does record a like, but the display doesn’t show it. A quick refresh might fix the issue. At the same time, our team will look into it.