Head models to use as a base for masks, headwear, etc.?

Hey look, it’s a new guy!
Hi everyone, I’ve had my printer for about a week now, a XYZ DaVinci AiO. I’m mainly using it for LARP related crafts, stuff like sword parts and arrowheads, etc.

Anyways, a friend has asked if I could make him a mempo, and this will be the first time I’ve made any kind of wearable model. So since I can’t very well take my friend’s head off and scan it, where would be the best place to get a realistically sized and proportioned human head model to use as a base in modeling this mempo and any other headgear I might make in the future? Free is always best of course, and I’d prefer not to have to register somewhere else if possible. Maya 2016 is the program I use.


First off, welcome @Vinderex!

As for a mask, would this be of any help if you can source some photos of your friends face, http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-3D-Printed-Mask-from-Photos/

Get Autodesk MEMENTO ! This would be a PERFECT project to utilize photogrammetry, for a perfect custom fit to your client. (and not just head-gear, but also body profiles)
It is free, has an uncluttered UI, and is ridiculously easy to use.
123DCatch is outdated. Memento can handle 100x more point cloud data.
Memento combines all the workflow functionality previously needed from several programs, in to one application.

  • It stitches photos in the cloud (no need for expensive/upgraded PC)
  • It has mesh repair (no need for Netfabb)
  • It can modify mesh with sculpting tools (no need for Meshmixer)
  • It has 3D printer slicer file export, and some (18) machine profile configurations (more to come)
    Since you already have Maya (and account) , it should seamlessly import the mesh, right in to your work space.

IMO, Memento is going to be the #1 “must have” 3d printing and design application for 2016.