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Joji has built his fully-realized empire on the back of ominous and intoxicating R&B. The result is a collection of songs and a critically-acclaimed debut album that have launched the once Internet personality into the stratosphere of visionary artists. Today sees Joji returning with “Gimme Love,” arguably his most infectious single to date.

“Gimme Love” follows on the heels of “Run,” a slow-burning ballad on the cost of fame that landed Joji his highest ever debut on Billboard’s Hot 100. In stark contrast, “Gimme Love” is the closest Joji has ever come to stepping forthright into the realm of pop. However, at no point does this noted shift come at the expense of his distinctive artistry.

The hypnotic repetition of the chorus and the perpetual driving force of its opening moments have all the makings of a veritable earworm. Yet, there is an unshakeable melancholy to the continual plea. “Gimme, gimme love, gimme, gimme love / When I’m gone,” begs Joji in trademark laissez-faire fashion, even as the production continues to move forward without looking back.

Joji is one of the most enthralling artists of the digital age. He has a total vision for his work, not just in the writing and producing of his music, but artwork, videos, merch, and live performances as well. It’s a fully realised world that his fans can inhabit and explore—and see themselves in. “My music is not biographical,” he says, but even still, the deep, heavily shaded emotions in his songs are genuine and they speak to anyone who has ever felt stuck on the outside looking in, who knows what it means to not belong. In 2019, Joji sold-out his North America tour within minutes and performed at some of the most coveted festivals across the world, including Reading & Leeds in the UK and Lollapalooza. As Joji surpasses 3.7 billion global streams, 2020 promises to be his biggest year to date.

The notable juxtaposition between the dynamic production and Joji’s pained vocals soon gives way to a half-point shakeup that is even more pronounced in the accompanying video, which strays the line between high art film and cinematic production. The latter half of “Gimme Love,” with its sweeping angelic vocal layering and gentle acoustic strumming, feels like a testament to the otherworldly R&B Joji has staked his life on. Breathtaking, heart-rending, and cathartic in one fell swoop.

While “Gimme Love” is arguably Joji’s most readily accessible single to date, it never stands as anything less than a praise-worthy work of art and euphoria. To quote my girlfriend who now often walks unannounced into the room where I preview music for review consideration, “it’s kind of a lowkey banger.”

“Gimme Love” is set to appear alongside “Run” on Joji’s forthcoming sophomore album Nectar, set to release July 10 via 88rising.