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FREE filament samples list (Will be updating)


Hey guys,

With my recent 3D printer purchase, I started looking into filament. Wanted to keep a list of companies giving away free filament as samples. Keep in mind that you have to pay for shipping in some (most) cases. I’ll update as I find more, since I’m usually on the lookout for these :slight_smile: Hoping to find some cool filaments or really reliable ones as new ones come out!

I may not have ordered all of these; Sometimes they’re not available in my country. Nor do i know these sites in person.

Let me know if you know of others, or if one of these no longer work. I’ll try to update.


Really nice of you! Will look into these— didn’t know companies did this


So I tried to get a free filament sample from RepRap Warehouse (I live in Canada) but they never replied to any of my emails. I hope none you guys get any of these issues!


Found this through Not free but has a variety of filaments to try:

Has anyone in Europe tried this site?


eSun will send free samples too.


Hi also do free samples, and I must admit they are good


Where on eSun do you go to look into free sample? Thanks!


Nice! Free shipping to the UK and it seems like to North American, it’s about $3.88 for shipping.


The price shown when you put a sample in cart is basically the shipping, since shipping is free when you check out. US shipping.


Is there anyone here interested in testing out some free filament? I can connect you with a supplier who would like some feedback in exchange for a sample coil of filament!


Hi Karen,

I would love to help test out the filament!


Hi guys. Following the theme of free sample 3D filament, I came across this site which offers free samples of many of the leading manufactures etc. In all sizes.


Hi Karen

I too would be interested in co-operating with a filament manufacturer.


Rigid.Ink gives free samples of filament away. Free shipping to the UK. You can also enter giveaways after buying their filament.

  • RepRap Warehouse in Edmonton, Alberta, continues to provide free samples.
  • Quantum 3D is not offering free filament, but will sell 10 meters for $1.99 USD +S/H and offers regular contests on their Facebook page. Winners must pay shipping. Shipment to Canada costs $10 USD.
  • 3D FilaPrint still has their edupack. I requested a pack on behalf of my local library Makerspace.
  • I could find no way at eSun to order samples, free or otherwise
  • 3D World USA appears to be gone; the URL is available on godaddy
  • GlobalFSDusa offers samples from a wide range of manufacturers but I couldn’t find any free; samples range from $3 to about $20 with most under $5 for 10 meters.
  • RigidInk will ship internationally; cost of a sample to Canada at today’s exchange was about $8.35. Not sure about duty, taxes etc.


I would love to sample some new filament. I am currently not happy with my current filament that i am using.


Hi, I am deffinitely interested if that is still possible! thanks.


Hi, could you pls also test our filaments? The brand is CCTREE, and our 3d printer shop is near York University.


You can also use 3devo
And 3d solutech
Karen, I’d like to test some filament