[FIXED] Tags merging

Hi there
I just uploaded a couple of models and I noticed all the tags got merged. Although, I added one new tag this morning, and it’s separated from the bunch. See https://pinshape.com/items/7827-3d-printed-low-poly-morgan-freeman-as-nelson-mandela (support free is separated from the rest of the tags).
Should I re-write all the tags for my models, or that is fine as it is?
Thank you

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Me too! I noticed the tags get merged when you edit an existing project. Fix one thing, break another, that’s how it goes.

Verified. I edited a design and the tags merged. Ended up re-typing out the tags.

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Hey everyone!

Tagging issues have been fixed! However, do note that designs uploaded within the last 2 weeks or so will have to be edited to separate the tags again. We’re very sorry that this happened! Please let me know if I can be of help!


To be clear, the fix will be live soon (just in code review). Thanks for letting us know about the issue.

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@nick_schwing and @Karen_Lee OK. Will keep eyes open for updates. Thanks!

The fix is now live :smile:

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Thanks for the fix.

The same sort of bug was merging ‘My-Design Tags’ and ‘My Interests’ on my profile page. Seems fixed now, but there is still one huge merged tag there that doesn’t show up in edit mode, but is there when you view my profile. Strange.

We’ll look into this. Thanks for pointing it out!

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