[FIXED] Site Notifications

Is the team doing website updates this week? I’ve been getting spammed all day all of a sudden by "like " notifications and I have had this checked off so I shouldn’t be getting them. If the team is doing site upgrades that may be why all of a sudden I am getting these emails again.

Same issue and settings here. Thank you @tanya_Wiesner for reporting this!

Thanks for letting us know @tanya_Wiesner, we’re working on a fix now.

Is there a workaround or do you have an estimation, when this will be fixed?

Hi Roman,

Right now there isn’t a work around that I know of, but we should have it fixed soon. The goal is getting the fix live today. It, along with a couple other bug fixes are currently being tested by our team. If they look good, they should go live in a matter of hours.

Sorry for the trouble.


Glad this one got reported I’m away on vacation and haven’t been checking email regularly, and my inbox is full of these.


Just adding that im getting a constant stream of emails still right now, my phone notifications are going mental! Logged into pinshape to check my notification settings and i am definitely getting emails for every action at the moment, especially things like “likes” and “downloads” which i have turned off.

Hey everyone, we updated the site last night with some code that worked properly on our testing server, but it seems like people are still getting notifications when they don’t want to. Can anyone confirm they are still getting unwanted emails? If so, can you post a screenshot of the notification settings you’re using… there might be some combinations of things that are being overlooked.

Yeah, I just got another one 10 minutes ago but this time it was a false sale. More of a notification of a download of one of my free designs from long ago.

Last “like” email was 5:15am central today.

Thanks Tanya, this is helpful. Looking into it more now.

At this point, all the issues with notifications should be fixed. We had a few straggling messages that were sent after our fix a couple days ago, but now that queue should be totally empty. If you have any other issues, please let us know, but in the mean time I’ll mark this as resolved.

On another note… how useful do you find the emails? For those of you that get a lot of interactions, they have obviously become a bit annoying. Would a weekly summary email be more valuable? One that shows a summary of the total likes, collects, comments, free transactions and paid transactions that have occurred in the last week? Maybe even with a comparison to the previous week to see if you’ve gone up or down? Let me know your thoughts about what you’d like to see!


Thanks Nick!

A weekly or monthly email on purchases/downloads would be nice. Don’t care much about getting email notifications about a design getting “liked”. Comments on my design or replies to my comments in general I would still want to know asap.